About OneRide Malaysia

About Us

ONERIDE is a lifestyle car accessories brand aiming to be Malaysia’s No.1 Choice for all drivers pursuing their journey of life.

Our Vision & Mission

“Life is Journey , Enjoy the Ride”  

We believe those who drive their passion in life are called Drivers and they deserve to have a companion which is reliable and beautifully designed that drives their unique lifestyle needs . 

Our Brand Mission since inception is to provide car essentials product that’s fulfil our principle of “Simplicity, Premium Quality, Affordable, Innovative “ . ONERIDE is fully devoted to craft a modern lifestyle choice of car accessories that serve Malaysia’s daily automotive community in embarking their journey to succeed in their life.  In achieving so, we are committed in designing and developing leading branded essentials for the people around the globe to fulfill our aspiration.

How We Started?

Through years of experience, we discover most of the car accessories brand in the market focuses on niche categories (vehicle spare parts, lubricant, oil filter, coat & tinted, audio system) mainly used in car garage, car boutique & service centre, which is not commonly known by household drivers. With Malaysia being one of the highest car ownership rate in the globe, ONERIDE saw this as an opportunity for a positive change . We decided to embarked on a journey to introduce & establish a lifestyle choice serving the majority of the automotive community focusing on simple car essentials that comes with excellent built quality, affordablility & great features in mind.


ONERIDE Malaysia was founded with a vision to craft a lifestyle brand proudly own & easily known for its quality, functional & beautifully design car essentials by Malaysian drivers. With several years of experience in the automotive industry & e-commerce landscape, we aspire to be the No.1 car accessories brand aiming to fulfill the needs of the owners of 31 million vehicles in Malaysia.

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