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[NEW] V3 Cordless Water Jet Pressure Cleaner
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The Ultimate Cordless Water Jet

Introducing our new series , "HYDROSPLASH" model V3, a high performance cordless waterjet to meet modern lifestyle needs. Our brand aspiration is not just one step better from others but to be miles ahead from design & performance.




1. 14 Plunger Pure Copper Motor

Equip with Latest Water Pressure Technology to generate water pressure up to 50Bar with a flow rate of 4.5L/min. An ideal pressure cleaner for removing stubborn dirt on outdoor home surfaces, gates, benches, garden furniture, bicycles, motorcycles and cars.


2. Interchangeable Nozzle

Equip with Quick Connect 0° and 40° spray nozzle. You can choose a different nozzle according to your needs and with interchangeable nozzle the water pressure can be focus in one point to generate a higher pressure.


3. Strong & Innovative Battery Life

High power-discharge & enhanced lithium battery of 25,000mah provides all your washing need up to 1 hour continuous usage, best performance in the market so far. Current other seller does not have battery display indicator level, this may cause trouble to user from sudden power shut down. Our product are built with 4 level indicator, a humanized features to know the remaining battery & charge when you need.


4. Premium Built Specs

  • 14 Plunger Pure Copper Motor
  • Double filter of impurities in the water
  • Anti-Heating Technology
  • Ergonomic Built Design
  • Anti Leakages Water Inlet
  • CE/ROHS Safety Certified


5. Multiple Accessible Water Intake

A new cordless experience cleaning can be done anytime, anywhere, helps you clean smarter & faster.


6. Customized EVA Storage Bag

Our premium quality EVA Storage Bag, specially customized compartments for each accessory. Convenient to keep in your car boot & bring anywhere.


7. 1 Year Warranty

HYDROSPLASH water jet is covered by our 365 days manufacturing warranty from factory defects.


Package include 9 - 16 items (refer photos for details):

Colour: Black / White




Standard Set

Standard + Extra Battery

Standard + Bag

Standard + Car Wash Tools

Premium [Bag + Car Wash Tools]

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